CRC fines announced, companies ‘named and shamed’

The Environment Agency has published details of the first participants to be fined under CRC rules.

The names of four companies, together with the amount of the fines and why they were penalised, were published on the Environment Agency’s website less than six weeks before this year’s reporting deadline.

The four companies were named as Saur (UK) Ltd, Henkel Ltd, BI Group plc and Tomkins Ltd. They were all fined for late submission of both Footprint and Annual reports, with fines ranging from £41,000 down to just £10,000.

The publication of these details must be seen as a clear warning to CRC participants to ensure they meet the deadlines for both reporting and for the purchase and surrender of allowances this year. The previous assurances of ‘light touch regulation’ can no longer be relied upon.