Surrendering your CRC allowances

If you are a CRC participant, you should have submitted your annual report and paid for your carbon allowances by the 31st July.

But please don’t forget that you have not complied with all the requirements until you have surrendered the correct number of allowances. The deadline for surrendering allowances through the CRC Registry is the 28th September.

If you have not undertaken a CRC audit of this year’s data (either in-house or using external auditors), it is not too late. In fact, now is a good time to check that your annual report was accurate and that your evidence pack includes a full audit trail to back up your data. Carrying out an audit now will allow time to rectify any errors and purchase extra CRC allowances, if required, before the submission deadline, helping you avoid possible fines.

Please see our internal audit page for more information on Local Energy CRC audits, or contact us to discuss your audit.