Further CRC update from the Environment Agency

CRC updates from the EA COLG meeting, 13 Dec 2012

Following the meeting of the Environment Agency’s CRC Customer Operations Liaison Group (COLG) on Thursday 13 December, attended by Local Energy, please note the following points:

  1. There is currently some uncertainty about Scheme coverage for the remaining two compliance years of Phase 1. Although it is the Government’s intention to introduce some simplifications immediately, the EA has identified discrepancies between the consultation response and the draft Order, and is currently seeking clarification from DECC.

    In particular, clarification is being sought on whether meter profile class 01 to 04 supplies should be reported in 2012-13 and 2013-14. Many of these non-core supplies were excluded from previous annual reports under the 90% rule, but it is not clear whether the 90% rule is to be scrapped immediately, which could lead to an increased reporting burden.

    Profile class 01 and 02 will be excluded from Phase 2; if this rule is implemented immediately, this will exclude some of the non-core supplies, but profile class 03 and 04 supplies would come into scope.

    As soon as a decision is known, we will update our briefing notes.

  2. The 2011-12 Performance League Table (PLT) will be published in early 2013, most likely in February. Participants will be notified beforehand and will receive the PLT by email 2 hours prior to website publication.
  3. Digital certificates will not be required for the purchase of allowances in 2013 or thereafter. A new system using one-time passcodes will be introduced. Participants who have bought three-year digital certificates will be refunded for the two unused years: the EA will issue further information in due course.
  4. The registration period for Phase 2 is very likely to be delayed due to the time needed for the introduction of new legislation and guidance documents. The suggested registration period is September 2013-February 2014, subject to further agreement.