CRC Phase 2: Schools out… in England only

Local Energy understands that a draft Statutory Instrument – the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Order 2013 – was laid before parliament on 4th March.

The Order is expected to replace the current legislation by May, in time to implement revised rules for Phase 2 qualification and registration. The changes have been widely debated since their announcement last year; however, the accompanying documents indicate that final decisions may have only been made at the last minute.

The Impact Assessment document (title: Simplification options for the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme to help business : CRC (Amendment) Order 2013) states:

During the period of consultation, there has been an agreement between DECC, DfE, HMT and the Devolved Administrations (DAs) to remove schools from the CRC in exchange for a GHG emissions reduction target. Consequently, in this final IA, the CRC baseline has been modified to remove schools from the scheme“.

An accompanying ‘Explanatory Memorandum to the draft SI’, however, says that:

When the IA was originally published in December 2012 a decision by the Devolved Administrations to retain their schools CRC Scheme participation was still pending. In February 2013 all Devolved Administrations confirmed their schools would continue to participate in the CRC Scheme. Only English schools would withdraw from the Scheme“.

So, it seems that only schools in England will be withdrawn from the Scheme from the beginning of Phase 2, with schools in Scotland and Wales continuing to participate with their local authorities. We are not yet aware of any GHG emissions reduction target that may have been agreed for English schools, but we await this with interest.