CRC Phase 2 registration window now open

The Environment Agency has advised that the registration window for Phase 2 participants is now open.

Organisations that qualify for Phase 2 of the scheme must register by 31 January 2014. 

NB Consumption through AMR meters does not count towards Phase 2 qualification. There is currently some misleading information circulating that all electricity supplied through AMR counts towards Phase 2 qualification. This is incorrect. Qualifying supply is only that measured through Half Hourly Meters (HHM) settled on the half hourly market (settled HHM’s).

The EA has created a 20-minute video highlighting key information related to Phase 2 qualification and registration, which explains how to re-register from your existing account. Please note that this link will open the video on YouTube, which some users may be unable to access. In case of difficulty, the video can also be downloaded (approx. 54MB) and played using Windows Media Player. 

Participants who are re-registering should note that:

  • Once you have re-registered the Phase 2 button will disappear from your account homepage until your registration fee has been marked as paid.
  • You are not fully registered until you receive your registration certificate via email. This is generated once the online submission has been completed, the registration fee has been paid, approval to disaggregate from your parent organisation has been granted (if applicable) and at least one contact has logged back into the registry following completion of the online submission. Your organisation must ensure they have completed all these steps before 31 January 2014.