Local Energy was approved as a Green Deal Provider in December 2012. We work with Local Authorities to offer value-for-money Green Deal Plans to local communities.

We also offer Green Deal Plans to householders directly; see our ‘Green Deal for your home‘ section for more information.

Solent Green Deal

We have worked with Eastleigh, Portsmouth and Southampton councils since early 2012 to help them establish the Solent Green Deal, and we are pleased and proud to have been selected as one of just three Green Deal Providers for the scheme.

We have a Project Manager based in the Solent area to ensure we provide a timely, personal service to local residents.

When Solent residents choose Local Energy to provide their Green Deal Plan, the work will be carried out by local installers based in the Solent area. This cuts down their travelling time and keeps the cost low for customers. It also helps keep more money in the local economy and provides jobs for local people and businesses.

To read more about this scheme, visit the Solent Green Deal website.

Working with us

Local Energy is a small company, so we can offer householders a personalised service. Although we’re small, we’ve already delivered more than £25million of ECO funding (the grants that help support Green Deal and the installation of energy efficiency measures), as well as a number of Green Deal Plans up and down the country, so we have plenty of experience to help find the best Green Deal package for local residents.

We can offer an end-to-end service, including initial assessments, or deliver Plans based on assessments provided by the local authority or a third party. We’re happy to work with credit unions and other local finance providers, as well as offering our own GDFC-funded plans, and we also blend in ECO funding, GDHIF cashback and GD Communities subsidies where available.

We are, of course, an approved Green Deal Provider, with all the necessary guarantees, warranties and insurance in place to give you complete peace of mind.

If your authority is looking for a Green Deal Provider for local delivery – or just for some help thinking through the options – please contact us.