CRC internal audit: a case study from Knowsley


During our Manchester CSPS launch event we were pleased to have the opportunity to hear from Lynn Anders, Business Advisor to Knowsley Borough Council, on their experience of a trial internal audit.

These audits are being carried out by KMPG, who are gearing up for conducting full audits of CRC participating organisations in the coming months.

Knowsley had volunteered to be one of the organisations audited at this stage, and so we felt it would be very useful to hear from them about how the auditing process worked, and what lessons they brought away from it.

Overall Knowsley were given good feedback about their CRC working group and for the procedure and organisation they had in place. Indeed, the audit was seen to have been successful, although the fact that everyone is still in a learning phase for CRC auditing is likely to have been a factor.

This presentation was only given at our Manchester event, and so we have put the slide show here for others to download.

If you have any further questions about the Knowsley audit, or would like further advice and guidance on the CRC auditing process please get in contact with us at Local Energy.

Knowsley – KMBC Trial Audit 2011