CRC Performance League Table – Labour local authorities perform better than Cons and Lib Dems

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Our analysis of the CRC Performance League Table (PLT) has found that amongst the 166 local authority participants in England and Wales, Labour councils performed better than Conservative and Liberal Democrat. Interestingly, councils with no overall political control performed significantly … Continued

CRC participants who haven’t reported turnover risk unfair positioning in the next Performance League Table

Our analysis of the recently published Performance League Table has found that a large number of organisations (642/2103) have not reported their turnover. In particular, 25 of the 200 local authorities listed have failed to do so. Organisations who haven’t … Continued

CRC Performance League Table – key findings & summary

  Here at Local Energy, we have been dissecting the first CRC Performance League Table. In particular, we have been interested in how the public sector fared. Here is a summary of our findings. Please click on the links for … Continued