Results from audits so far

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As part of the package for our network ‘Carbon Saving Public Sector’ members receive a free CRC data and compliance audit. So far 10 members have taken advantage of this offer and to help others the broad findings were posted on a 2degrees webinar. The broad results were:

Identifying CRC emissions, might appear easy but its dangerous to rely on the energy team alone. Other parts of the council such as estates, schools and legal hold important information.

Data collection for the main fuels was pretty well managed but results were much less reliable for the other minor fuels.

Data management has been a problem for some. It was particularly difficult for some councils to submit data to us if they held it in separate spreadsheets or databases. Try and get all the data in one place.

Most were on top of the main requirements of the footprint and annual reports but some parts were left until the last minute such as whether to claim ROCs, FITs or EGCs or the league table data or the four questions.

Evidence packs are known to be onerous so make sure there is a clear structure, documents are protected and incorrect materials are removed.

The internal audit and review process itself is a separate discipline. Make sure the organisational information is up to date and that you have acted on the recommendations before the real thing comes along.

Common pitfalls were problems with internal communication, schools and budgeting.