CRC participants: Have you read your meters?

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If you want to avoid paying an extra 10% for your carbon allowances next April, you should have at least one actual meter read for every supply by the end of this month (September 2011).

The CRC guidance states that a supply with 6 months or more of estimated data is classed as estimated for the entire year; estimated consumption submitted in your 2011-12 annual report will be subject to a 10% uplift. You need two meter readings covering a period greater than 6 months of the annual reporting year in order to report your data as actual rather than estimated.

So, if you have any supplies without an actual reading since 1st April 2011, you need to take a reading before the end of September 2011, then carry out another read before the end of March 2012 in order to report 6 months or more of actual consumption data.

CRC participants should check their data records to identify any supplies where there is no actual read for the compliance year to date, and establish whether there is a financial benefit to be gained from carrying out a manual meter read within the next few days, and again in March. For small consumption meters it may not be cost effective to carry out meter reads; however, you should prioritise larger consuming meters and carry out any manual meter reads as soon as possible.

If you need any further guidance on this subject, please contact us directly.