Green Alliance publish ‘Climate Check’ report

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The Think Tank Green Alliance last week launched their ‘Climate Check’ report, in collaboration with the WWF, RSPB, Greenpeace and Christian Aid.

The intention of the report is to “provide a detailed analysis of the Coalition government’s progress against its low carbon commitments in a range of areas – international negotiations, electricity markets, energy efficiency, green taxation, low carbon transport and renewables.”

Overall the conclusions reached are mixed. While the report concludes that the government has “shown real commitment to the low carbon agenda by making some good decisions in challenging economic times”; at the same time it argues “its overall record is weakened by delayed or poorly-designed policies on many other coalition commitments.”

It argue that the government will have to “raise the level of cross-government ambition if it is to reduce the risk of failing to successfully deliver the majority of the Coalition’s low carbon policies.”

In rounding-up, the report suggests three ways that the government could address what it calls the structural problems hampering overall performance so far; these involve, it says, increasing cross-government accountability for the low carbon transition and boosting the Prime Minister’s engagement on both the international and domestic agendas.