CRC participants who haven’t reported turnover risk unfair positioning in the next Performance League Table

Our analysis of the recently published Performance League Table has found that a large number of organisations (642/2103) have not reported their turnover. In particular, 25 of the 200 local authorities listed have failed to do so.

Organisations who haven’t listed turnover will be given a score of 0 in the growth metric that compares carbon emissions with turnover change. This score will automatically place them at the bottom of the metric, below those who report turnover and achieve a poor score due to an increase in emissions intensity.

The implication is that local authorities who haven’t reported turnover will be ranked lower in the league table and this may be unfair in light of actual emissions reduction. Whilst private sector companies may not want to report turnover for reasons of competition, local authorities have nothing to lose and much to gain from doing so.

We urge all local authorities who haven’t reported turnover (revenue expenditure) to contact the Environment Agency to rectify this problem.

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