CRC Performance League Table delayed after Environment Agency website problems

The long-awaited CRC Performance League Table, due to be launched at 8.00 today, has been delayed after problems with the Environment Agency website. At 8.00 this morning there was no information available, and at 8.30 when a link to the PLT was published it led users to an error screen.

The controversial scheme, which has over its lifetime been transformed from a revenue neutral program to a carbon tax, ranks organisations based on the amount of their portfolio covered by the carbon trust standard (or equivalent) and the number of voluntary Automatic Meter Readers fitted.

Speaking to edieEnergy, David Symons, WSP Environment and Energy Director, stated that the scheme “gives no consideration to the energy efficiency of an organisation, or whether participants have improved their energy performance over the year… This means that some companies at the bottom of the table will be more energy efficient or have made greater strides in lowering their emissions than those at the top”.

The Environment Agency has not yet offered an explanation for the delay in the league table publishing. As of 9.30, the link to the PLT has been removed.

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