Webinar on local authority CRC best practice

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Last week, Local Energy’s Head of CRC and Consultancy, Karen Lawrence, gave a webinar presentation on the 2degrees network on local authority Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) best practice.
In particular, the webinar focuses on best practice around identification of CRC emission sources; energy data collection and management; footprint and annual reports; evidence pack management; audit and review; and policies and procedures.
The webinar also highlights the benefits of forming a CRC team to improve organisation-wide communication.
You can find a link to the webinar on the 2degrees website by clicking on the following link. (Note: if you are not a member of 2degrees you will need to create a free profile before you can watch the webinar.)
You can also download the slides from Karen’s presentation here.
Finally, if you have any CRC-related questions that are not answered by the webinar, please contact us at Local Energy by Telephone: 020 7554 2875, or email Karen Lawrence at karen.lawrence@lgiu.org.uk