CRC Simplification Survey Results

During our recent events in London and Leeds we conducted a survey on the CRC simplification process. 14 public sector organisations responded, and the results show a clear scepticism amongst them that the changes will be a ‘simplification’.

The key findings were:

  • Only 14% of respondents thought that there would be a reduction in their admin time and costs (42% expect an increase; 21% expect it to remain the same).
  • 50% expect their reported CO2 emissions to rise.
  • On CRC allowance costs, only one respondent expected their bill to reduce (by just £30k), whilst 57% of respondents expected a bigger bill (ranging from £25k to £360k, with an average expected increase of over £200k).


We asked respondents whether each of the proposed changes would lead to an increase or decrease in their reported CO2 or admin time.

Please see the results in graphical form below (click on the thumbnails). If you would like to complete the survey or recieve further analysis of the results, please email